Free TalkTalk Broadband for 6 Months

This post was last updated in January 2022

Jobseekers may be eligible for up to 6 months free broadband provided by TalkTalk in partnership with the job centre, following a successful trial in 2020.

What do you get?

6 Months Free Fibre broadband through TalkTalk with average download speeds of 38Mbps and line rental. Extras such as Call Packages and TV are not included in this deal.

How much do calls cost?

Whilst this package includes line rental, you will be billed for any calls made using the landline. As of January 2022, the average cost for phoning a landline is 21p per minute and for mobiles 18p per minute, regardless of the time of day.

Is there any contracts?

There is no contract for those using the free 6 months broadband deal, however if you choose to stay with TalkTalk after the deal ends you will need to sign up for a contract.

Whats the price after 6 months?

If you choose to stay with TalkTalk after the free 6 months and wish to remain on the same package, you will need to signup for a 18 or 24 month contract at £22/mo.

Prices will rise each April at the rate of inflation + 3.7%, unless you select the ‘Fixed Price Plus’ addon for £2.95/mo which will prevent price increases during and after your contract.

How do you apply?

The free broadband vouchers are distributed by the DWP through the ‘Flexible Support Fund’. This means you will need to contact your work coach to be considered for the vouchers. As they are issued through the flexible support fund, it’s at the discretion of the DWP to decide who is eligible for the free broadband vouchers.

How do you redeem the free broadband vouchers?

If you are accepted for the free broadband vouchers, you should receive a letter that includes the redemption codes and a dedicated phone number to redeem them. If you don’t receive this, get in touch with your work coach.

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